Course coverage Overview

Exclusive and indepth coverage on every topic

Java Standard Edition(JSE/J2SE)

Core Java

The Genesis of Java,OOPs Concepts,Overview of Java,Data Types variables & arrays, Operators,Classes & Methods,Interfaces & Abstract classes,Overloading & Overriding ,Packages & Privilages,Collection APIs,Exception Handling MultiThreaded programming,I/O,Applets & Other topics.Java 6 Features

Advanced Java

String Handling,java.util package complete coverage,More I/O,Networking, Applets,Complete AWT,EventHandling,RMI,Java Beans,Complete Swing,complete JDBC & SQL,Javadoc tool,Java Design Patterns,Java Mail, RMI & Introduction to Corba

Java Enterprise Edition(JEE/J2EE)

Core J2EE

J2EE Overview,J2EE MultiTier Architecture,J2EE Best Practices, ,Complete XML & Parsers,HTML,Servlets,JSP,MVC Achitecture and MVC Frameworks,JavaScript/Html/CSS etc

Advanced J2EE

Complete EJB3.0,JMS,J2EE Design Patterns,Security JNDI,WebServices,SOAP,JCA



Application Servers


Development tools

Junit,Ant/Maven Build tool,Eclipse,NetBeans,IntelliJ


JEE WebServices in Apache Axis & Sun WebService API's,RestFull WebServices


Core & Enterprise Edition design patterns, UML,Star UML Tool usage


Various interview questions covered along with the course. You will get to know live examples.

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