JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a technology that is being led by Sun Microsystems as JSR 127 under the Java Community Process (JCP). The objective is to create a standard framework for user interface components for web applications. As mentioned earlier, JSF lets you build web applications that run on a Java server and render the user interface back to the client. This technology provides web application lifecycle management through a controller servlet, and a rich component model with event handling and component rendering.

The JSF technology consists of two main components:
1. Java APIs to represent UI components, manage state, handle events, and validate input. The API has support for internationalization and accessibility.
2. Two JSP custom tag libraries for expressing user interface (UI) components within a JSP page, and for wiring components to server-side objects. Page authors can easily add UI components to their pages.

This spec, created under the Java Community Process (JCP), enhances EJB architecture with support for Web services, making it easier to implement and deploy Web services applications based on Java technology