Hibernate Course Overview

Hibernate Introduction

O/R Mapping Fundamentals, Object Persistence ,Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Fundamentals, Java ORM/Persistent Frameworks, Object/Relational Paradigms ,O/R Mapping tools, POJO,DAO pattern and Service Pattern.

Hibernate Basics

Setting up Hibernate in Eclipse and do a reverse engineering, Hibernate Libraries, Hibernate Native API and XML Metadata, Basic Hibernate Example, Hibernate Session & Session Factory, Hibernate configuration properties ,Programmatic Configuration, Metadata using Annotation, Java Persistentance API, Entity Manager, Identifiers ,Primary Key Generators, Composite Primary Key mapping.

Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate Object Life Cycle, Persistent, Transient, Detached states, Object State Transition, Hibernate Native API usage,save,update,delete,merge,get,load,eveict,lock etc. Hibernate in 2 tier and 3 tier environment.

Hibernate Associations

Unidirectional and Bidirectional - one to one, one to many, many to many, many to one different strategies for mapping, Lazy loading, Eager loading, Fetching Strategies etc. Collection types Bag, list, Set, Map and Array, Sorting the elements. Fetching Strategies - Join Fetching / Subselect Fetching, Get vs. load ,update vs. merge.

Inheritance Mapping

Table per concrete class, Table per sub class, Table per hierarchy, Polymorphism, Choosing an Inheritance strategy.

Hibernate Tool

Installing JBOSS tools plug-in, Hibernate MetaModel and Exporters, Reverse Engineering, Wizards and Ant task, Mapping Editor and Console.

Hibernate Caching

Hibernate Default Caching (L1 cache), Hibernate Secondary Caching libraries(L2), Using Hibernate Secondary Caching libraries - c3po etc. Cache Regions,eviction.

Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

Hibernate Object Fetching Options , Hibernate Query , HQL Parameters , Named querys,named parameters, Aggregate functions, Native SQL, Join Queries.


Restrictions , Projections, Scrolling , Pagination , Joins, Aggregate functions.


Hibernate Native SQL usage, Hibernate Transaction API, Using Hibernate in Web Application.