Hadoop Big Data  Developer & ADMIn Course Summary

  • Hadoop Big Data Developer hands on course,covers MapReduce,HDFS,Hive,Pig,HBase,NoSQL

Course Covergae

  • Introduction to Hadoop:
  • RDBMS vs Hadoop
    Ecosystem tour (9 products)
    Vendor comparison (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR)
    Hardware Recommendations
    HDFS: File System details
  • NameNode and DataNode architecture:
  • Write pipeline
    Read pipeline
    Rack awareness
    Block scanner
  • MapReduce:
  • JobTracker/TaskTracker architecture
    Shuffle: Sort + Partitioning
    Speculative Execution
    input/output formats
    distributed cache
  • Pig:
  • Pig philosophy and architecture
    Grunt shell
    Loading data
    Exploring Pig
    Latin commands
  • Hive:
  • Hive architecture
    Hive vs RDBMS
    HiveQL and the shell
    Managing tables (external vs managed)
    Data types and schemas
    Partitions and buckets
  • HBase:
  • Architecture and schema design
    HBase vs. RDBMS
    HMaster and Region Servers
    Column Families and Regions
    Write pipeline
    Read pipeline
    Next-Gen Hadoop
  • Hadoop administration
  • Hadoop Motivation
    Cloud computing
    Grid computing
    Comparison with RDBMS
    Why Hadoop
    Use Cases
  • Installing Hadoop
  • Hadoop Archetecture
    Decisions about cluster structure
    Hadoop installation for devlopment
    Hadoop installation for production
  • HDFS Administration
  • Filecheck and DFS admin
    HDFS and job tracker UI
    Routine Administration
    Adding and removing Nodes
    Advanced Techniques
    Using multiple output files
    Passing parameters
  • Cluster maintainace
  • Starting and stoping jobs.
    HDFS checking with fsck
    Backup and restore
    Upgrading your cluster
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • FIFO scheduler
  • Fair schedular
  • Cluster Monitoring
  • Gangila
    System Profiing
    Using vanilla hadoop for monitoring for production
  • Gangila
    System Profiing
    Using vanilla hadoop for monitoring for production
  • Hadoop monitoring with tools
    Alert system with Hadoop
  • Populating Hdfs
  • Inserting data using sqoop
    Inserting data using Flume


  • Duration
  • 30 Hrs
  • Course Fee
  • INR 10,000
  • Training Mode
  • Week End / Regular
contact number toll free

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