Developing Applications for Android Devices

  • About This Course:In this course you learn to build on your existing Java knowledge to deliver robust business applications for Android phones and tablets and integrate them with enterprise systems.

Course Content

  • Introducing the Android Platform
  • Establishing the development environmen
  • Analyzing components of the architecture
  • Selecting a suitable distribution
  • Leveraging Application Fundamentals
  • Building mobile applications
  • Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI)
  • Packaging applications for deployment
  • Developing unit tests
  • Supporting asynchronous behavior
  • Performing background tasks with services
  • Communicating with Intents
  • Creating User Interfaces
  • Selecting visual components
  • Building the layout
  • Connecting a view to an activity
  • Positioning form elements
  • Working with resource declarations
  • Declaring component definitions and layouts
  • Handling multiple screen resolutions
  • Localizing applications
  • Processing User Input
  • Communicating with the user
  • Creating and displaying Toast
  • Generating status bar notifications
  • Collecting confirmation with dialogs
  • Interacting with the UI
  • Responding to user input events
  • Launching activities with intents
  • Writing Java event handlers
  • Generating context and option menus
  • Managing the activity life cycle
  • Integrating with the Android system
  • Persisting data in response to notifications
  • Persisting Application Data
  • Selecting storage options
  • Contrasting internal and external storage locations
  • Saving application configuration with SharedPreferences
  • Manipulating the SQLite database
  • Executing queries to locate information
  • Specifying column selections with projections
  • Consuming and creating content providers
  • Accessing shared data resources
  • Addressing content providers with URIs
  • Maintaining System Responsiveness
  • Avoiding Application Not Responding (ANR) errors
  • Unloading the UI thread
  • Designing for asynchronous execution
  • Building background services
  • Launching IntentServices
  • Declaring services in the manifest
  • Exchanging Data over the Internet
  • Interacting with server-side applications
  • Synchronizing Android devices with servers
  • Socket communications
  • Developing clients for web services
  • Connecting to RESTful services
  • Creating and parsing JSON
  • Enhancing the User Experience
  • Working with tablets
  • Developing for the Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich platforms
  • Manipulating objects with drag and drop/li>
  • Optimizing applications for high screen resolution
  • Combining fragments into a multipane UI/li>
  • Leveraging geolocation and mapping capabilities
  • Plotting positions on Google Maps
  • stablishing location through GPS, Cell-ID and WiFi


  • Duration
  • 45 Days Regular
  • 25 Days Fast Track
  • Course Fee
  • Instructor-Led Direct class INR 8,000

  • Training Mode
  • Regular / Week End
contact number toll free

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